AC cleaning services for homes all over Amherst & Lorain, OH


Like your kitchen floor or living room rug, it’s important for the health and safety of your family to have your AC unit cleaned on a regular basis. When you want the air you breathe to be clean and safe, call B&B Heating and Cooling for help. We perform air duct cleaning throughout Amherst and Lorain County, OH.

Regular AC cleaning

When we say regular AC cleaning, we aren’t asking for more than a yearly check up. By cleaning your AC unit, you are helping to prevent any future catastrophes form occurring. Let our experts remove a year’s worth of dirt built up in your AC unit and get it working to its highest level of efficiency.

If you live anywhere in the greater Amherst, Lorain County, OH area, make sure to give our AC cleaning professionals a call today at 440-988-2277.

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